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service centers closest to your location

Whether you are at Home, Work or anywhere in Egypt, Sal7ha app will sort service providers based on your current location. And use the map view to see where all the centers are compared to your location.

based on verified customer reviews

Finding the right service provider for your car is always hard. Through Sal7ha app you will be able to compare between a big variety of professional automotive service providers, based on verified customer reviews. To help you find the best and most economical car maintenance decision.

your service on your appointment schedule

No need to waste a full day to maintain or repair your car. Get on Sal7ha app and schedule your maintenance at the convenience of your schedule. The service provider will be expecting your car and ready to receive and maintain it on time.

get directions
to the center's

No more struggling to find your center’s location. Sal7ha will give you directions from anywhere you are to your service provider and help you beat the Cairo traffic.

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that your car
is ready

No more waiting next to your car while the service providers takes care of your maintenance. Continue your day and be productive. Sal7ha app will notify you that your maintenance is done and your car is ready for pickup.

Keep Your Car Running At Peak Performance

Sal7ha app will help you keep your car working at the peak performance at the most economical cost. With Sal7ha your car is always ready to go.